West End Widening

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West End Widening

London’s theatre land area is to get a makeover courtesy of a £6 million pound cash injection, the first 1.8 million of which "has been raised from Transport for London, Westminster council, the Cross-River Partnership and theatres themselves".

The scheme has plans to widen the pavements on Coventry street, the tourist rat-run between Picadilly Circus and Leicester Square, and improve the lighting in the overall area to discourage muggers, drug-users and other inhabitants of the shadows.

The plans, like pretty much anything else that goes on in London even vaguely near a theatre these days, has the backing of Kevin Spacey and also includes some more intriguing design ideas.

Neil Hall, Westminster's project leader, said: "You could arrive at the theatre when the lighting is all blue, come out and the lighting guides you to the nearest Tube or taxi rank.

Then, after 11pm, the lighting could come up strongly to encourage people to go home."

Being at a pub when the harsh lighting kicks in is bad enough, but several square blocks of people recoiling in terror when faced with a closer look at their proposed companions for the remainder of the evening will be something to behold.

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and red lights leading to Soho?


I'd love to get some information about this, but the link does not lead back to a Guardian story on the topic, and A9 and Goggle searches (and a serach of the Guardian site itself) turn up nothing of relevance. Where did this story appear?


I seem to be a little link challenged lately.
Consider it corrected.


Brighter lighting after pub closing time in the West End - this from a council that claims to care about the people who actually live there.

The best way to improve the "Theatreland experience" would be to clean the streets a bit more effectively and make sure that the theatres aren't filled with overpriced dreck. Changing the lighting is the least of their worries.