Wembley Under Siege

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Wembley Under Siege

The new Wembley Stadium has been plagued by problems since its inception and let's face it, any project with involvement from Ken Bates is hardly going to run smoothly, but the threat of snipers taking out crane operators is a bit more Carlos The Jackal than Bob The Builder.

The company in charge of the development, Multiplex, has received demands for cash, and were told that if they don't pay up the precariously exposed crane drivers will be shot by snipers.

As Multiplex is based in Sydney, police in New South Wales are leading the investigation but the Met are liaising with them and are taking steps to "minimise any potential risk".

Given that Wembley is currently the UK's largest building site surrounded by a mixture of buildings and wasteland ,that could prove difficult, and it's not hard to foresee a kid with a laser pointer scaring the living crap out of some poor guy stuck in a Perspex box with only a flask of tea and a copy of the Daily Star for protection.

Last Updated 01 March 2005