TV Perceived As 'Real Life'... Again

By Rob Last edited 165 months ago
TV Perceived As 'Real Life'... Again

Back in January, we reported on a story which claimed that "Almost half of the UK population form their opinions about crime and the police from television dramas". In fact, a survey of 2500 people revelaed that 34% thought London was the UK's most dangerous area due to "police programmes" and other things "they saw on TV".

At the time we blamed Eastenders because of the high death rate on the programme. We were only half joking then, but it turns out we were right.

Today, another survey (by Teletext holidays of all people) has revealed that three in five Britons "shun the capital’s East End because of [Eastenders]."

And it doesn't stop there:

"Around half of Britons are also put off east and south London by popular TV shows Grange Hill and Only Fools and Horses."

Who actually thinks like that? "Hmm I need to go and do some shopping, better not venture anywhere the east end though, just in case I bump into that smackhead Zammo Maguire."

Even more strange is the claim that, "more than two in five are keen to visit the Channel Islands because of TV detective series Bergerac."

Yes, perma-tanned Charlie Hungerford is apparently a real draw!

On a sidenote, check out the Grange Hill fan site. Zammo's put on a bit of timber after coming off the skag, and Fay Lucas is not looking as fanciable as she did when we were eleven!

Last Updated 09 March 2005