Thursday Is Crime Day

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Thursday Is Crime Day

"He says he has a gun, but then it might be a banana."

This is not exactly the response you're after when holding up a bookies, you're really looking for a "Please god, don’t shoot me, here’s all the money, we're insured anyway" but then you'd probably avoid using an actual banana.

Not so for amateur hold-up enthusiast and crack addict Robert Downey (no relation) who reached new levels of criminal ineptitude during a failed robbery at an east London betting shop.

Realising that his fruit assisted threat wasn't having the desired effect he then fell back on a small pair of scissors which "were shiny and metallic and he pointed them from his pocket".

Unfortunately the possibility of small tiny cuts on their hands was not enough to persuade the betting clerks to pony up the dough so Downey took off and was later picked up by police who also tracked down the banana abandoned, still in it's plastic bag, that luckily had not been picked up by some kids who may have inadvertently injured themselves in a high potassium related mishap.

Downey (24) was sentenced to 7 years at Southwark Court, granted leniency because of his own stupidity.

Last Updated 17 March 2005