The Socceroos vs The All Whites

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The Socceroos vs The All Whites

So it looks like Australia's national football team, the Socceroos are edging closer to ditching the Oceania Football Confederation in favour of the Asian Football Confederation.

You're probably wondering a couple of things:

1.What do they possibly stand to gain by such a move?


2.Why do I give big rat's arse what a bunch of antipodean footballers do anyway?

Well, let us explain.

The Oceania group, home to such world footballing powers as Vanuatu and The Solomon Islands, is a rubbish group to be in. It doesn't get an automatic qualification spot for the world cup, the winner has to play the fifth-placed team from South America, which generally goes badly, 5-0 kind of badly.

Therefore, both Australia and New Zealand hardly ever make it to football's biggest stage, aside from 1974 for the Socceroos and 1982 for the All Whites (yes, the New Zealand national team is called the All Whites, you want to make something of it? It's not like the basketball team is called the Tall Blacks or anything).

The Asian Football Confederation on the other hand has a sweet 4 automatic spots and a playoff one, so now you can see their motivation.

As to why you should give a crap:

London, more specifically Fulham's ground, Craven Cottage will host Australia vs New Zealand, sometime in June in what is a fairly speculative attempt to cash in on an ex-pat market consisting of people that see nothing wrong with spending every minute they're not working, in the Slug and Lettuce on Fulham Broadway.

Australia will walk it, NZ could be the only opposition that may actually make Harry Kewell look like he's any good, but tickets should be reasonably priced and hopefully the sun will be out.

As soon as the dates are announced we will of course let you know.

Last Updated 23 March 2005