The Power of Celebrity

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The Power of Celebrity

We didn't catch all of Jamie Oliver's School Dinners, but then we've never been able to stomach one of his Sainsbury's ads all the way through never mind a TV show. Nevertheless, the faux cockney has done the country a great service by finally getting the government to sit up and take notice of the appalling state of school dinners.

Remember The Simpsons episode when we found out that Bart and his school chums were being given rat's milk provided by the mafia? Apparently that would be a step up in quality compared to the reconstituted gruel that our kids currently get.

Our fave quote is from Lib Dem spokesman Phil Willis:

"The extra funds are welcome but it's sad that it's taken a celebrity chef to get the government to act"

Well said. Although now we at least know how to get the government off its collective arse. We are hoping that the new Doctor Who will tackle the problems of filthy hospital wards by having the Cybermen win a lucrative NHS contract only to ignore the mop in favour of simply turning patients into more Cybermen.

That should get a few more quid into the system.

Last Updated 30 March 2005