The 'Apple Stop'

By london_euan Last edited 185 months ago
The 'Apple Stop'

Leicester Square tube station has been the victim of a "major branding takeover" by Apple who are hell-bent on making sure everyone is aware of the new youth targeted iPod Shuffle.

Apple has created what they're calling the "iPod Zone" by purchasing pretty much every last piece of advertising at one of the major west end tube stops, and media critic for Ad Week magazine, Barbara Lippert, believes that this is "sort of like you’re in some futuristic movie where only a few brands own everything in the world, including the subway."

Wow, imagine a world like that.

Lippert also floats the possibility that willing and unquestioning consumers that seem to exist only in marketers wet dreams may even "forget the name of the station and just call it the 'Apple stop,'", which seems unlikely, but given the cult-like devotion of the majority of Mac users you never know.

Rumours that the homeless guy asking for change halfway up the northern exit stairwell has been rebranded an iTramp are at this stage unfounded.

Last Updated 16 March 2005