Standard Lite... On Readers

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Standard Lite... On Readers

Moving seamlessly on from the tube adverts post below, here's some more ads-based news, this time involving the continuously ill-fated Standard Lite.

You see, advertisers who pay to go into the proper, grown up, Evening Standard have never had to pay to be included in the Standard Lite...until now.

As reported today the Standard wants to introduce charging for Lite advertising next month.

The Brand republic article is interesting though because it offers a little insight into just how desperate the Standard is to show everyone that their baby was a good idea:

"In recent weeks, the Standard's senior commercial team has taken research around agencies in an attempt to prove that the launch of Lite in December has been a success."

But the truth is not so rosy:

"The launch of the Lite edition has led to a 4% increase in the Standard's total circulation over the past two months. However, the paid-for edition's circulation of 345,775 is down year on year."

And with the added competition of the Metro, Richard Desmond's forthcoming London-i and the 'alternative' free paper London Line (due later this year) it seems things can only get worse.

Last Updated 31 March 2005