Poncey Peroni

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Poncey Peroni

We like Peroni beer here at Londonist. In fact, our last Londonist get together was held at Luigi's bar on Wardour Street, specifically because it's one of the few places they have Nastro Azzurro on tap.

However, their latest rebranding exercise might be doing them more harm than good as far as we're concerned. Here's what they're going to do:

First they're going to open a "minimalist boutique" in Sloane Street which will be revealed in two stages. The first stage is the 'coming soon' teaser and then, a fortnight later, that will be replaced by "an art installation" (of course, how could it be anything else?) featuring the beer...on pedestals.

Don't get the wrong idea though - you can't actually buy anything in this boutique, it's just for looking at.

As well as trying to make their image as ludicrous as possible, Peroni have changed the name of the beer, and changed the shape of the bottle.

First Sam Smiths take the 'man in the box' off the bar and now this? What's going on. At least, Peroni say, the beer will taste the same.

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Last Updated 08 March 2005