Ode To Camilla

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Ode To Camilla

Londonist has been a bit too busy digging out the best china and organising a massive street party to actually write about the forthcoming Royal nuptials, but one article did catch our eye recently: this one on Poet Laureate Andrew Motion's task of composing "a celebratory ode for the wedding of Prince Charles to his longtime lover Camilla Parker Bowles".

Now, Andy Motion is Londonist's favourite Poet Laureate since Ted Hughes. Why? Because he does things like write raps for future King's birthdays:

Better stand back

Here's an age attack,

But the second in line

Is dealing with it fine

As well as slightly less embarrassing stuff like trying to save Kentish Town poetry club.

What's especially great about this CNN article though is they've actually gone to well-respected female poet Pam Ayers for a comment. Yes, that Pam Ayers. Here's what she wrote:

My mother said 'Say nothing if you can't say something nice'

So from my poem you can see I'm taking her advice.

Not that funny is it Pam? We expected better from you.

If you would like to offer your own personal advice to Andrew Motion (maybe a limerick, or a haiku?) then our comments section is ready and waiting.

Last Updated 24 March 2005