Keep The Faith

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Keep The Faith

It was a strange day for those using the trains yesterday. First tens of thousands of commuters got a free ride when the Oyster card system collapsed. Then passengers at Euston were delayed for 45 minutes while armed police officers got ready to swoop on a train carrying men responsible for a casino heist in Birmingham. Better than the usual 'leaves on the line' excuse. And finally on the way home commuters were hit with the Standard TUBE LINE CLOSURE BOMBSHELL headline.

Luckily for London help is on the way from above. No, not Richard Branson but that other lover of everything virginal: GOD.

London (found via Metafilter) is an attempt to gather all of the praying that goes on in London into a few concentrated blasts aimed at issues that effect Londoners each diddly-day. After reading the Transport section we are now wondering if the Oyster system was smited from above.

Those concerned at the threatened closure of the Northern Line may want to follow one of the suggested Prayer points:

Take a tube map and pray over it naming specific stations and lines. Ask God to direct these prayers.

Don't forget to warn Him about changing at Kennington.

Last Updated 11 March 2005