Jesse Jackson Gets All Wordy About Ken/Nazi Furore

By Rob Last edited 168 months ago
Jesse Jackson Gets All Wordy About Ken/Nazi Furore

We were so close to forgetting about the whole Ken/Nazi/Jew thing and then Jesse Jackson had to go and open his big mouth.

"I hope because the mayor is so strong against racism and anti-semitism that there will be dialogue and reconciliation," Jackson is quoted as saying today at the launch of a campaign to get businesses to recruit more black employees.

"We should find common ground and a negotiated settlement rather than a battleground," Jackson continued, sounding for all the world like one of those new age, management gurus.

Why? Why does there have to be more "dialogue"? Why do we have to seek "reconciliation"? Can't we just leave people to dislike each other and let the emotional wounds fester for years to come?

That is, after all, the English way is it not?

Who do these American think they are anyway? Coming over here, getting in the middle of our fights. Haven't they got enough "battle gorunds" back home to worry about?

Last Updated 10 March 2005