Jamie Vs The French

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Jamie Vs The French

Daily Mail readers may want to skip this post as it contains French people succeeding where the English are failing, and worse, they're doing it in close proximity to impressionable school children.

French Chef Francois Nouaillat has revolutionised the dinner menu at the Osidge primary school in Southgate, replacing processed food with far more nutritional freshly prepared fare, all for the same £1.70 per student budget.

Which all sounds suspiciously like a certain TV show starring Mockney Chef and sometime Supermarket Shill, Jamie Oliver, except at the moment he's failing to bring it in under budget, and unless sawdust turns out to have hidden nutritional value, we doubt he'll ever keep it under the allotted 37p he has to work with.

Nouaillat, a former chef in a 2 starred Michelin restaurant, who also has children at the school, is serving up "such delicacies as cod filled with fresh parsley sauce and stuffed vegetables", and is embarking on a general, make kids more foody, crusade.

"I brought in a live cow, and Peter Kent (school principal) milked it, " he said. "The children suddenly realised that milk came from a cow. And they did not know that chickens came with bones."

Hopefully he'll be building up to explaining what your average sausage actually contains.

Jamie's School Dinners is on Channel 4, Wednesdays at 9pm and Londonist can wholeheartedly endorse his very flexible Basic Risotto recipe.

Last Updated 02 March 2005