Innocent Until Removed From Playlist

By london_euan Last edited 184 months ago
Innocent Until Removed From Playlist

It's fair to say that Michael Jackson's life isn't going so well right now, what with the child molestation trial and everything, and it's just taken yet another turn for the worse as London's own Heart Fm has taken the decision to remove him from their playlist.

Ok, so not totally remove him, but relegate him to times when "there's less chance of children or parents listening". Now we don't have kids, but when is it exactly that parents stop listening to the radio? When Blues Clues is on?

Anyway, odd demographic statistical analysis aside, while most broadcasters stand by the old "innocent until proven guility" maxim, or at least the "he doesn't really fit our formats" side step, 106.2 Heart FM, (home to such talent as Toby "What makes you laugh? - Being tickled" Anstis and on the breakfast slot from Easter Theako!), feels that hearing one of Jackson's many classic hits "will upset a large number of their audience", and will instead play even more Girls Aloud who must have been cleared of any crimes against music.

To stay up to date with the Jackson trial you could do a lot worse than follow the tragic yet oddly compelling recreation on Sky News. The acting is on a par with Hollyoaks and the defence attorney is clearly being played by an Andy Warhol impersonator looking to branch out.

Last Updated 15 March 2005