Gizmondo Store To Finally Open

By Rob Last edited 166 months ago
Gizmondo Store To Finally Open

If you work/live anywhere near Regent Street then you've probably noticed the weirdly named Gizmondo store which has looked to be on the verge of opening since the end of last year.

Now, finally, we hear that the store is to open its doors on 19 what is it going to be selling.

Well Gizmondo is described as a "unique device [that] gives users an amazing experience across gaming (incorporating 3D and GPS), music, movies, camera, texting and a host of mapping services."

It does this via 400Mhz of processor power, state of the art graphics chip and a "huge, high resolution TFT screen"...whatever that is.


It looks like the Gizmondo will be going up against the Nintendo DS which also "revolutionizes the way games are played. With dual screens and touch-screen technology, wireless communication and built-in PictoChat software"...whatever that is.

Now, one of the Londonist team already has a Nintendo DS so if Gizmondo would like to send us one of their brand-spanking new...gizmos...then we'll gladly conduct a fair and balanced consumer test.

Last Updated 09 March 2005