Freecycle London

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Freecycle London

Londonist's dad always used to say "You get what you pay for" and "Buy cheap, buy twice" so even now, many years later and with overdrafts of our own, we still refuse to look for bargains so convinced are we that as soon as we get them home they'll fall to pieces.

But that was before we started using Freecycle which quite happily bypasses the dad rule by offering goods completely free.

We've been using Freecycle London for a few months now and are constantly amazed at the cool stuff that Londoners are willing to pass onto one another. We've seen laptops, iPods and several cars up for grabs but our eye is always caught by the odder items such as railway sleepers, bubble wrap and typewriters.

Just this morning we took delivery (from a very nice chap named Mike) of three vintage typewriters. The one we were after was an old seventies desktop affair in full working order but we were delighted when Mike pulled up outside with two 1920s contraptions that also needed a new home and some TLC.

Now we have cleaned them up we just need to work out where to plug the broadband connection and we are sorted.

So if you have something stuck in the loft that you never thought would have been of use to anyone else why not mention it on Freecycle? You'll probably find a new home for it very quickly and make a fellow Londoner very happy.

Last Updated 09 March 2005