Diva in Diva-like Behaviour

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Diva in Diva-like Behaviour

Shrill deranged songstress Mariah Carey arrived in London this weekend but promptly ran into problems as she was unable to enter the Kensington branch of plush Italian hotel chain Baglionis as they had not met her specific entry criteria, namely a red carpet lined with white candles.

Luckily, as you would expect from a £2000 a night hotel they managed to quickly rectify the situation while Mariah was driven around the block, probably using the time to practice that annoying thing where you move your hand up and down when singing high notes.

A spokesperson for the hotel pointed out that "We're used to dealing with high-profile guests and everyone has their own requirements", before heading off into the night to rustle up a bowl full of the adrenal glands of 12 year old boys.

Last Updated 22 March 2005