Caring Director or Child Labour Laws?

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Caring Director or Child Labour Laws?

billy.jpgDid anyone else catch this article in yesterday's Times?

It appears that previews for Billy Elliot: The Musical have been postponed due to fear for the health of the many child actors. Three child actors rotate the title role. In addition, there are 45 other child actors involved in the production. The Times quoted director Stephen Daldry, "My main concern is for the kids, they are getting very tired during the technical rehearsal period, so I’m rescheduling the previews to give them a bit more time. If they get too exhausted it could be physically dangerous."

Londonist questions whether it was really the director's concern for the children's well-being or child labour laws coming into play after grueling hours of dance rehearsal that caused the delay, but that is something to ponder on your walk home today in this beautiful weather.

For your information, the dates of the previews now begin March 31 with the opening day remaining May 12.

Last Updated 18 March 2005