Brixton Academy Shooting

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Brixton Academy Shooting

If you haven't seen this yet, it seems someone fired two shots during the Nas gig at the Academy last night.

Whichever news source you go to all the reports are the same:

- Two shots were fired towards the ceiling.

- Two bullets and two casings have been recovered from the scene.

- The performance was stopped immediately and the premises were evacuated.

- No one was arrested.

- No one was injured.

Oh no, wait, the Mirror's report is slightly different, it tells us "Revellers cowered in fear as a man sprayed bullets before fleeing." Really? He 'sprayed' two bullets?

Of course, the question everyone is going to be asking now is how the hell did they get a gun into the Academy.

It's virtually impossible to sneak a can of beer into that place, never mind a handgun, and as the Academy spokesperson reminds us:

"More than 100 security staff were working at last night's show and concert-goers passed through scanning and security checks at the entrance to the venue."

If you've got tickets for tonight's gig at the Academy we wouldn't worry too much: it's the Zutons.

Last Updated 22 March 2005