April Fool?

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April Fool?

Has Christopher Eccleston really quit Doctor Who?

Londonist awoke to this:

Actor Christopher Eccleston has quit as Doctor Who after just one episode of the new series has been screened, the BBC has confirmed.

We are gutted at the thought of this being true, but are eyeing the date suspiciously.

A BBC spokesman said the corporation would issue a formal statement later on Thursday and that it had hoped, rather than expected, that Eccleston would continue in the role.

We'll keep you posted...

Last Updated 31 March 2005

anthony wong

definitely a april fool joke


Problems with being a student who is slack and pays no attention to her calendar: this article made me think it was april 1st, and i played an april fools day joke on a friend, but of course it was not funny AT ALL because when i said "ha ha! april fools day!" he said, "you twat, it's still march".


Just read the news about Eccleston quitting and was shocked since every indication was quite the opposite: he said he had great plans for the role; his press meetings were very positive; the show has started on the strong note; and wasn't he contracted for 3 years???