Alcohol-Fuelled Street Fouling

By london_euan Last edited 184 months ago
Alcohol-Fuelled Street Fouling

The Government published a document today laying out advice for local authorities and police on how to stop alcohol-fuelled street fouling as part of its larger drive to clean up the environment.

Although urinating or vomiting in public isn't actually illegal there are a multitude of ways you could actually be charged, including indecent exposure laws dating back to 1847.

The document goes into length about how street fouling is associated with an increased evening economy, how alcohol is a vital source of revenue for the hospitality industry, also laying out it's the health benefits and then makes recommendations on how to tackle the problems.

One of which is the installation of more telescopic urinals that have been put in use by Westminster Council. They look like manhole covers until their hours of operation when they rise up from the ground giving urinary respite to the weary drunkard.

We have to admit we missed these when they came out, which is odd because we've more than once made our way down Villiers St (also home to one of the Wasabi sushi chain which we hope to see more of) late in the evening heading for Embankment station, and we like urinating almost as much as we like cool technology so this sounds right up our urethra. Still, at least that's this weekends plans taken care of.

Last Updated 15 March 2005