We Belong Wed

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We Belong Wed

When current London tourist attraction, the royal family (as seen on cheap mugs, inside nazi armbands and frequently on holiday) realised that Charles getting hitched to Camilla behind the closed doors of Windsor Castle meant they'd have to open the very same doors to commoners, they quickly decided that a better setting would be the local registry office across the road.

A statement released after the change of venue commented on the fact that the change would "enable the public to see the Prince of Wales and Mrs Parker Bowles arrive and depart".

Yeah we know, sounds like a fun day out. (/sarcasm)

But now we can reveal that members of the public will have to be allowed into the royal wedding under rules governing civil marriages according to a story in the Guardian.

So if you were planning to go along and see them arrive and depart you can now catch the middle section of the show as well.

It's a while since Londonist was invited to a wedding but we seem to remember there being something in there about 'if anyone has any reason why these two should not be wed...'

Damn, that's tempting.

Plus we'd advise them against using second hand wedding dresses after watching the latest episode of CSI: New York in which formaldehyde soaked burial clothes had Gary Sinise scratching his head in disbelief that his once promising career had ended in the TV gutter.

Last Updated 21 February 2005