The Tale Of Cynthia And Roland

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The Tale Of Cynthia And Roland

Today's Times offers us a 'fascinating' insight into the lives of the "Chelsea set" via the story of Roland Straub and Cynthia Taylor.

Roland is the president of the Optimus Corporation and owns porperties in London and Zug in Switzerland. He met Cynthia while on holiday in Italy, shortly after divorcing his second wife.

According to the paper "A romantic relationship developed and they began to spend time together". Aaah, it;s just like a Mills and Boon book isn't it?

Of course, being the gentlemen that he is, Roland 'lavished' gifts on Cynthia, including a specially designed star ruby ring, a Bulgari watch and a £2,000 Tang dynasty horse. He also agreed to pay £6,000 pounds towards a course of IVF treatment, as well as paying for the renovation of her Cadogan Square flat (including a £45,000 Poggenpohl kitchen, a Sub-Zero fridge and a specialist wine storage unit.)

Now we have no idea what a Poggenpohl kitchen is, nor do we know what a Sub-Zero fridge does (though we're guessing that it's not just a freezer), but we're sure they set Roland back a pretty penny.

But, unfortunately, Roland and Cynthia's love was not destined to last the course, and when "Mr Straub travelled to Washington with Miss Taylor to support her after her father died,". he decided he'd had enough (kick her while she's down why don't you Roland!)

And this is where Roland shows his true colours: three months after their separation the Swiss multimillionaire is demanding the return of the £210,000 that he "lent" the interest of £6,995 which was increasing by £46.02 a day.

Yep, he even included the two pence a day!

The case has gone to the High Court, where Roland is strenuously denying the fact that he ever demanded that Poggenpohl kitchen or the Sub-Zero fridge. In fact, Roland insists, he only demanded two things be installed in the flat (and this is undoubtedly going to be our favourite quote of the week):

"I requested two things if I was ever going to live there — a new bed, as I have a bad back, and high-speed internet access, because that’s part of my being."

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