Tea Bagging Rampant In Wandsworth

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Tea Bagging Rampant In Wandsworth

We saw Ray Winstone in Scum at an early age and have fond memories of Mickey and Mallory shooting their way to freedom in Natural Born Killers, so we here at Londonist think we are well versed in the art of the prison riot. Over the years we've watched Clint Eastwood sneak out from under the nose of Patrick McGoohan in Escape from Alcatraz, applauded the use of a thick towel as Chopper's ears came off, and have sat through more than enough episodes of Prisoner: Cell Block H to easily recognise the Top Dog and steer clear of steam presses.

But even we hardcore devotees of Norman Stanley Fletcher were surprised to read that, at the first sign of trouble, the guards at Wandsworth Prison have no qualms at all in reaching for the heavy stuff.

Herbal tea:

"When trouble's brewing at Wandsworth prison, London, staff calm down stir-crazy inmates by serving up drinks with names such as Valerian Plus and Tranquillity. These teas are so effective at keeping the peace that officers are using them instead of prescription sedatives."(Via)

You learn something new every day.

The warden could not be reached for comment but we have an idea that this unusual form of riot-control may be traced back to the hands of Wandsworth's most notorious prisoner, that original 'hard man', Oscar Wilde.

Last Updated 03 February 2005