Synthesizer Revolutionary Revealed

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Synthesizer Revolutionary Revealed

moog.jpg Londonist is a big supporter of the Arts, or at least it is one of our New Year resolutions to be. This week we bring you an exciting event to fill your Wednesday evening (a typically boring evening for us). The ICA (a favourite Londonist haunt) is holding a special preview and Q&A for Moog.

For those of our readers not familiar with Bob Moog, IMDB explains his importance,

The advent of the synthesizer is one of those rarest of moments in our musical culture, when something genuinely new comes into being. An invention that touches nearly every aspect of musical expression, production and sound design. Bob Moog (b. 1934) is the best known of the early synthesizer pioneers. He is responsible for some of the most inspiring electronic musical instruments ever created. Along with such influential figures as Leon Theremin, Raymond Scott, Don Buchla, Thaddeus Cahill, Harald Bode and Hugh LeCaine, Moog has not only made prodigious contributions to modern music and culture, but he has become a character within an unfolding "American maverick inventor" mythology.

The ICA brochure promises not only a special screening of Moog, a documentary of his life/work/impact, but also DJ sets from Luke Vibert, Stereolab, and Roger O’Donnell of The Cure fame. Yes, the Cure. If it ends up being all it is being hyped as, this should be an amazing event. We here at Londonist will sadly be unable to attend, but look forward to hearing from our readers that have the chance to go. Good news though, if you miss the filming on Wednesday, the ICA will be showing Moog until February 28; however, not with all the excitement of the after-filming drinks and DJ sets. Call the ICA box office (020 7930 3647) to reserve your tickets today!

Last Updated 15 February 2005