Ronnie Scott's Now Sally Greene's

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Ronnie Scott's Now Sally Greene's

Today's Telegraph has a good article on "female impresario", Sally Greene's recent investment in the legendary Soho jazz club.

Greene is the woman who 'saved' the Old Vic, convinced Kevin Spacey to becoem a patron of the theatre, persuaded Elton John to write all 19 songs for the Billy Elliot musical (so, she has her flaws too), and has just booked Sharon Osbourne for the Vagina Monologues.

Greene has gone into partnership with Pete King who co-founded the club with Scott and has looked after the place since his death. The changes she hopes to bring to the place include a decent menu, the possibility of performances by her close frind Bill Clinton and professional Ray Charles impersonator Jamie Foxx, and, who knows, Kevin Spacey might also be tempted to bang out a couple of old Bobby Darrin songs, although we might be busy that night.

Last Updated 15 February 2005