Pavement Poetry

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Pavement Poetry

nottinghill.jpgPeople don't need a reason to hate West London and in particular Notting Hill, but for some reason the creative community seem hell-bent on given them some.

Not content with creating a film so bland and banal that it's most iconic feature was a door (now painted black and next to a Starbucks), local literary types are adding creative whimsy to the pavement by putting poetry onto coal-hole covers.

This is all because they're worried that "there is a danger of Notting Hill losing its arty character", and this is due to the influx of that scourge of modern society "The Foreign Banker".

The poetry is to include an anti-Shepherds Bush piece by local writer Sebastian Faulks, author of World War One laugh riot - Birdsong.

A word in your eye

Don't worry or push

A step in the Gate

Is worth two in the Bush

We're guessing he wrote that before Shepherds Bush got a Nandos.

Last Updated 07 February 2005