Mobile Blackspots

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Mobile Blackspots


Mobile phones in London are such an ingrained part of our lives these days, as is the accompanying infrastructure needed to support them, but according to a new survey they still haven’t managed to make us 100% happy with our coverage.

Mobile phone masts seem to be pretty much everywhere, concealed within road signs and lamp posts, inside churches, or disguised as weathervanes or trees, yet this isn't enough to get rid of "blackspots" across the capital.

The reason why it's worse in major cities is apparently down to the density of buildings and volume of people making calls, with London being 10% worse than the national average, and 35% of those surveyed saying that "at some time they could not connect at all to their network".

That's a lot of people uninformed that their friend is on the train.

Last Updated 07 February 2005


E17 is one of the worst spots for t-mobile reception. I have a theory why; in about 1993/4 it was probably the only mobile phone advertiser with a black face fronting the campaign. So in multicultural areas there are probably more t-mobile customers than any other brand.