Mind The Crap

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Mind The Crap

undergroundworkers.jpgPlans have been announced to begin looking at the Tube running later on Friday and Saturday nights in a shock move where customer demand may actually be met.

Of course, it's not as simple as that because this results in opening later the next day so that overnight maintenance work will still get its alloted amount of time, and this could have a detrimental effect on weekend workers.

It's a tough call: happy drunk people or annoyed morning commuters?

We're siding with the happy drunk people, if you're going to work at 7am on a Saturday chances are you're already going to be pissed off and should be considered a lost cause.

It's not like both groups could be appeased, as it's important that this necessary maintenance work is carried out and they are clearly working hard within tight deadlines...or so you'd think.

London Underground's Managing Director Tim O'Toole has some fairly clear opinions about the level of work performed by the private firms running the tubes infrastructure, that he's choosen to express through an extended military metaphor "These guys are supposed to be the cavalry but so far, they're the same world-weary infantry we saw under London Underground".

More importantly he also believes that they are "only using 30% of available time for engineering work", so then why can't they find a couple of hours to accomodate a change in running time?

Well according to the chief executive of Metronet, John Weight, these criticisms are "complete crap".

So that's that cleared up then.

Last Updated 21 February 2005