London: The Virus

By sizemore Last edited 169 months ago
London: The Virus

Even while on holiday we can't escape the pull of London.

After a nice enough flight with Mr Branson's airline we juggled our bags to the kerb of San Francisco International airport and waited for a taxi.

Imagine our surprise when we were greeted by a black cab.

It had been modified slightly in that the glass, shielding the cabbie from the fare (so important in London), had been removed. Perhaps so the driver could get a better shot at you if you tried to skip out.

We tried to interview the driver but found that English was way down on his list of priorities - along with learning to drive. We strapped ourselves in and pretended we were just watching Mad Max in 3D.


We managed to snap off one pic - excuse the shaky camerawork but we were doing that thing, were the car actually takes off, that looks so cool in old episodes of Starsky and Hutch.

Later we found ourselves drinking coffee on Haight and spotted the above London Underground styled logo on the side of a van.

London - there's no bloody escape.

Last Updated 10 February 2005