"It's Called 'Back Bacon'"

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"It's Called 'Back Bacon'"

Oh God, please forgive us for posting this but we couldn't resist it. It's only a little London-related, but it's just so bloody funny we just had to share it with the world. We know you'll understand when you read it.

It's an excerpt from an interview printed over at romanticmovies.about.com (no, you can't ask how we found it) with fledgling movie starlet, Amy Adams (no, us neither, but apparently she was in Catch Me if you Can).

The interview concentrates mostly on the filming of Amy's latest 'project' The Wedding Date", here's the premise:

"Amy Adams plays Amy, the spoiled younger half-sister of Debra Messing's character, Kat. Amy's wedding prompts Kat into taking drastic measures. Not wanting to show up alone, Kat hires a handsome, smooth-talking, intelligent, professional male escort to make her ex-boyfriend jealous and keep her dysfunctional family from thinking she's still single."

We know, sounds great right?

But it gets better: about halfway through the 'interview', the hard-hitting romanticmovies.about.com reporter moves on to the issue of London, where a lot of the movie was filmed. What follows is an enlightening and intelligent discourse on the cultural differences this side of the Atlantic:

"Was there really a culture clash with Americans going to London and filming? Were there any strange things that happened on the set because of the cultural differences?

There was no protein for breakfast! They eat a lot of sweets and I am like a big eggs girl. I like omelettes and I like big breakfasts.

Were baked beans served at breakfast?

I think so. But they have really good bacon. It’s called 'back bacon'.

Did anything happen on the set that reminded you that you weren't filming in America?

There was no air conditioning and it was really, really hot. In America, everything is so air conditioned. I guess they’re not used to it there. We were boiling.

Maybe they’re not used to it because it’s never really that hot there?

It’s never hot. It was the hottest time there. It was a little over a year ago and it was one of the hottest periods on record so it was amazing. There was like people passing out – none of the actors, thankfully."

Sorry...can't type...anymore...laughing...too hard.

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