Hot Hot Heat

By Rob Last edited 167 months ago
Hot Hot Heat

It's good to see that the whole Ken Livingstone furore hasn't deterred the Evening Standard from it's everyday crusade towards pioneering these thermal images of Buckingham Palace clearly show.

Why are we looking at thermal images of Buckingham Palace, you may ask. Well, it's part of a Standard campaign to reveal which London landmarks are losing the heat insulation battle.

Both the Palace and the Houses of Parliament faired badly with

"huge amounts of heat" being lost from windows, which experts advised should be "doubleglazed immediately" (hey, that's why they're the experts).

What we'd like to know is: which brave Evening Standard lacky dared to stand in front of Buckingham Palace and aim a "£40,000 thermal imaging camera" at the front windows...and how was he not shot?

Last Updated 16 February 2005