Hackney, The Home Of Love

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Hackney, The Home Of Love

Valentines Day is almost over and if you spent it on your own, probably in a dimly lit room, probably creating a collage out of faces of lovers that wronged you, or would have wronged you had they actually talked to you, then you need a change of scenery.

Try Hackney.

In a frankly tenuous survey of a ridiculously small amount of people, nine out of ten Hackney residents claimed to have been in love as compared to Kensington and Chelsea, "where only 45% have ever found true love".

Awwwww, poor little lonely rich people.

The survey was commissioned by Spectrum Fine Art gallery in London’s West End to coincide with some kind of kiss related exhibition,but the most interesting statistic it throws up is that "when it comes to falling out of love, about half (49%) of the Londoners surveyed said it takes less than 24 hours", or about 4 Smirnoff Ice and a discussion about how you could do to lose some weight, whichever comes first.

Last Updated 14 February 2005