Derren Brown Comes Home

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Derren Brown Comes Home

The Croydon Yoda, Derren Brown, has announced a 44 date UK tour, in anticipation of a West End run in the summer. Interestingly, the star of Mind Control, Trick of the Mind, Séance and Messiah eschews any dates in the London suburbs, apart from one, that is, at Fairfield in Croydon on 24th March.

Presumably he couldn't resist playing a home town gig on Good Friday, taking him home for the Easter hols.

Speaking about the show Derren Brown says:

"I can’t reveal any specific details but yes, there’ll be plenty of thought-provoking moments I hope. It’s all new material, with plenty of audience participation. The interaction with a live audience is why I love touring so much. I spend eight months of the year making TV shows, and four months is taken up touring. It’s blissful; switching from TV to doing the tour stuff. I genuinely prefer being out in the theatres – as a performer that’s so much more fun, and so much more rewarding. It’s a real pleasure to go out and do it every night, to change it slightly, improve it, fine tune it."

Londonist went to a show on his last tour and we can highly recommend the live Derren Brown experience. That said, we were absolutely entranced (literally) but we were too afraid to make eye contact lest he pick us out from the audience.

A tip for those of you who are cowards like us: sit in the middle of a row, rather than towards the aisle.

You're advised to book soon as the frighteningly-talented Mr. Brown is very popular nowadays. Having said that, Fairfield list a gig on 25th March too although the system won't let you buy tickets for it yet. Tickets are £18.50 or £16.50. Those of you who are under 12 years old, or want to take someone under 12 years old, should note that you're not allowed in. And don't even think about trying to con Derren Brown...

Last Updated 01 February 2005