Stage Fright

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Stage Fright

Londonist has somewhat of a love/hate thing going on with the theatre, love the idea of going, hate actually being there (3 encores? really? it was good, but if you want unconditional love and adulation buy a puppy), but still we keep going in the hope of having a breakthrough theatre experience.

Maybe that elusive theatrical epiphany could come at the hands of Tim Fountain: Sex Addict.

Actually we doubt it, but Tim's one man show is definitely one of the oddest stage experiences we've heard about for awhile.

Tim logs onto a gay website, the audience select a potential "suitor", a Taxi zips of to pick them up and on their return Tim engages in a sex act with them. At least that’s what happened at last nights show. At his Edinburgh show Tim cycled over to "meet" with them and then returned to tell all.

Tim's show is running at the Royal Court from the 7th of January to the 29th, we're not sure if you get the live sex act every night or whether that was just for the benefit of last nights journalist audience, but if it was described as "each man performed a sexual act lasting a few seconds" then the guy at the back of the N19 bus the other night is much more value for money as he staged the equivalent of a David Mamet play in his pants.

Last Updated 12 January 2005