Reznor Invades Soho

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Reznor Invades Soho

It may surprise some of you to know that Trent Reznor is indeed still alive and has not contented himself with merely dabbling in video game soundtracks; no, indeed, he appears to be flogging the dead horse that is Nine Inch Nails (insert annoying logo where appropriate) and is cheekily producing a comeback album entitled "With Teeth".

The question, of course, is "Will anyone care?" We'll leave that for you to decide, suffice to say "Head Like a Hole" is still a classic, but let's face it, a lot of the NiN back-catalogue has not aged gracefully.

What's this have to do with London, anyway? Well it turns out that Reznor & Co. will be touring the new album around a bit, and they'll be stopping in for a two-night stint on March 30th and 31st at our very own Astoria, bastion of all that is indie (and G-A-Y, of course).

If you can bear the thought of fighting your way through hordes of pimply goth kids to seek an audience with His Greatness and, in all probability, suffer a ruptured eardrum or two, tickets will go on sale this Saturday morning through all the usual outlets.

Or, if you live/work in Camden, you can sit back and look forward to all the extra room you'll have in the pub for a couple of days.

Last Updated 19 January 2005