Red Ken Not Keen On Red Light Zones

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Last Updated 28 January 2005

Red Ken Not Keen On Red Light Zones

"Roxanne you don't have to put on the red light."

So sang Sting (wow, try saying that fast ten times) in 1978. Now, almost thirty years later London is just getting round to the problem of prostitution and the decriminalisation of the 'world's oldest profession'.

Liverpool is the trend-setter here, deciding earlier this week to set up an "official vice zone...where prostitutes can ply their trade legally and safely".

On last night's Question Time Ken ruled out the idea that London would follow in Liverpool's footsteps, saying that "such areas would be a magnet for criminals."

Instead, Ken's idea is to decriminalise prostitution and "and allow women to work from their own homes,". Expect the number of Belle de Jour imitators to shoot up if this happens.

Londonist suggests that if Ken is worried that "if you create these zones everyone else would move out," then maybe the best idea would be to establish the 'vice zones' in already affluent areas such as Sloane Square or Upper Street in Islington. Come on, how funny would that be? Hookers and antique dealers on the same street, brilliant.