Pride On the Tube

By Rob Last edited 169 months ago
Pride On the Tube

This year's London's Pride celebrations are going to preceded by a series of adverts on the tube and they want members of the public (as opposed to actors pretending to be gay?) to appear on the posters.

Reflecting the more political theme of recent Pride festivals, the posters are designed to celebrate "the multicultural aspects of the capital's gay community."

Of course you won't be paid for your time but apparently "those who feature in the adverts will receive a variety of benefits, not least of all seeing their face across the city."

If you would like to appear in the Pride London 2005 adverts, you can find all the details of where to send your particulars (name, address, photograph etc) here.

By the way London is not the site for the festival (although that shot of all those beefeaters looks suspect to us) want this site.

Last Updated 19 January 2005