Pete Doherty In Celebrity Big Brother?

By Rob Last edited 167 months ago
Pete Doherty In Celebrity Big Brother?

According to the most recent rumours, Babyshambles frontman, ex-Libertine, and 2005's 'famous person most likely to die' Pete Doherty may be going into the Celebrity Big Brother house this week.

Apparently Channel 4 are keen to get a 'rock star' in the house and have already been turned down by Liam Gallgher and Tim Burgess.

If Doherty does does decide to do BB then he'll most likely be joining fellow class A drug fanciers Mark Bosnich, Brigette Nielsen and (God help us) Bez.

Bez and Doherty in the same house? It will be like The Monkees on crack...literally.

"Day Five and Pete is suffering the initial stages of severe withdrawal. Bez takes the opportunity to write the word 'dick' on Pete's head in permanent marker."

Last Updated 05 January 2005