One Line Too Many For Liam

By Rob Last edited 168 months ago
One Line Too Many For Liam

With all these US celebrities moving in to London at the moment (we're talking about you, Christian Slater) it makes a nice change to see some UK 'talent' deciding he's had enough of the big smoke.

Granted, Liam Gallagher is a born and bred Northerner and a grumpy sod to boot, but we were still surprised to read this morning that he's "set to quit London after tiring of the British capital's over-crowding".

Over-crowding Liam? Not very rock and roll is it?

"I am getting quite fed up with London at the minute. When I moved to London about 12 years ago it blew me away, but the novelty has worn off. It has become so overcrowded we have decided to up sticks and move out."

But apparently it's his hatred of queueing that was the last straw for Liam and he's even gone to the lengths of penning a song on the subject (called Part of the Queue) for the band's new album.

Liam Gallgher: likes cigarettes and alcohol. Hates queueing. A complicated, complicated man.

Last Updated 10 January 2005