Metro's Exclusive Tube Deal Scrapped

By Rob Last edited 167 months ago
Metro's Exclusive Tube Deal Scrapped

A bit of breaking news for you here: Ken Livingstone has apparently ended the exclusive distribution deal that the Metro newspaper has on the Underground.

Does this mean that Richard Desmond's long-rumoured, free Metro rival will be hitting the streets soon? And, more importantly, will it be any good?

UPDATE: Here's the link to Ken's statement, in which he says:

"Transport for London therefore will be taking appropriate action to bring about the distribution of a free afternoon newspaper on the tube, including resolving the long running Office of Fair Trading investigation negotiating appropriate changes to the agreement with Associated and preparing an advertisement inviting bids from newspaper organizations. The additional money from a new deal would of course be invested in further improvements to the Tube."

An Express Newspapers spokeswoman has been quoted as saying, "We welcome the mayor's statement and look forward to the matter now being resolved quickly."

Last Updated 12 January 2005