Lost Your Phone Recently?

By sizemore Last edited 168 months ago
Lost Your Phone Recently?

Right Guv, that'll be £16 and a Powerbook please

It seems that Londoners have come out on top yet again. This time we are the best in the world at forgetting to take our expensive gadgets with us when we are getting out of taxis.

According to The Register, in the last six months alone "63,135 mobile phones (an average of three phones per taxi), 5,838 PDAs and 4,973 laptops" have been left in London cabs.

It may simply be the shock of the fare from Waterloo to home that leaves us staggering so much that we just forget this stuff or perhaps this is some pagan-like offering to the all powerful black cabs for choosing to stop for us on a Friday night.

Come on people - 50,000 mobiles misplaced is one thing but over

63,000? That's just simple carelessness.

But it's the computer gizmos that we really exceed in letting go of.

Apparently we are forgetting more than double the number of laptops than other cities. Isn't it about time some insightful entrepreneur came up with a piece of string that could be threaded through the arms of a suit jacket and then attached to the computer? It used to work with mittens.

It wasn't clear exactly how many sex aids have also been abandoned but other finds included: "a harp, a throne, £100,000 worth of diamonds, 37 milk bottles, a dog, a hamster, a suitcase from the fraud squad and a baby".

Last Updated 25 January 2005