Holly Hunter Vs Theatre Audiences

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Holly Hunter Vs Theatre Audiences

In a story reminiscent of the Great Spacey Debacle of September 2004, Holly Hunter has been quoted as saying that London theatre audiences are disrespectful and just downright disruptive.

The strangely-voiced Hollywood actress is currently starring in By the Bog of Cats at the Wyndham theatre, but was "left fuming" when several mobile phones rang during a recent performance.

"It's disrespectful when phones go off, like happened tonight. There's no place for that in the theatre. I'm on stage giving a performance and I don't want to put up with it."

In an added statement that doesn't reek of hasty back-peddling at all, Hunter went on to say "Having said that, I think English audiences are quick-witted, intelligent and well-educated."

Last Updated 06 January 2005