Free Binder With Part One

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Free Binder With Part One

January is known for a lot of things: dieting, being skint, the sales, resolutions. But, in our hearts at least, there's one thing which really makes January, and that's partwork magazines.

You know the kind of thing we mean. The magazines published by people like De Agostini, which have names like 'Japanese Trains' and 'Miniature Kitchens' and come with a free binder and a tube of glue.

They're like crack these magazine. They give you one cheap to get you hooked and then you're in for life.

So we here at Londonist decided to highlight some of the London-related partwork publications which are available for you to buy this new year.

All cheques made payable to please.


The Official Kimberley Quinn Magazine.

Each week collect a detailed fact file on one of Kimberley's cavalcade of Casanovas. Explore the slimy underbelly of Kimberley's duplicitous world! Travel with her as she uses unborn children as bargaining tools! Scream with excitement as she twists supposedly powerful men around her little finger! Jump up and down with undisguised glee as we play the game everyone's talking about: Who's The Daddy?.

First issue comes complete with a Kimberly Quinn fashion doll and David Blunkett Dole Book.

Make Your Own Olympic Bid.

Ever wanted to spend all your savings on a pointless amount of miniature sporting venues? Now's your chance! With the Make Your own Olympic Bid magazine you will receive a piece of Olympic stadia each week for the next seven years. And that's not all. Each week the magazine becomes more and more expensive until you yourself become inherently corrupt and horribly, horribly bankrupt.

First issue comes complete with a large amount of public apathy.

Build Your Own Rail Network.

Every man dreams of running his own rail network. Now you can make that dream come true with Build Your Own Rail Network, a fascinating new series which lets you make your own inept decisions every step of the way.

We promise that your rail network will be the fanciest, shiniest, bestest rail network ever built. It will always run on time and there will never ever be any accidents.

First issue comes with big fat bonus that you can keep for ever! Subsequent issues will contain nothing, and you may need to hunt for the remaining parts on eBay.


I Love Dollis Hill

For everyone who loves Dollis Hill (and even those who just like to visit every now and again), this 50-part encyclopaedia grows, week by week, into an indispensable compendium of facts and figures.

Learn Dollis Hill's mean annual temperature! Its height above sea level! Its five biggest roads! What vaccinations you'll need! Which Tube zone its in! and so much more!

First issue comes with full Mayoral rights.

Last Updated 12 January 2005