Feminists We're Calling You...

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Feminists We're Calling You...

Germaine Greer is long gone from the Celebrity Big Brother house but the debate still goes on as to what the hell she was doing in there in the first place.

It remains to be seen as to whether her new found fame as foil to that git from Channel Four Racing will have any effect on sales of The Female Eunuch or viewing figures for BBC2's Newsnight Review, but we here at the Londonist like to keep our fingers on the feminist pulse. We have been known to shake our collective booty at Le Tigre gigs as well as watching manly sports and Die Hard on DVD.

Which is how we know that the Feminist Library has been undergoing something of a revamp recently and much needed new blood is set to give the institution a fresh lease of life in 2005.

Founded thirty years ago this year, the collection houses the largest lending and reference library of contemporary feminist materials in the UK.

New events are to be kicked off with a writing workshop held by Zoe

Fairbairns and both budding and experienced writers are invited.

The event is at 10.00am until 4.00pm on Monday 7 February and costs

between £5 and £10 depending on income. Anyone interested in attending should call 020 7928 7789 to reserve a place.

You never know, it could lead to a new feminist manifesto or perhaps a place on a future reality TV show.

Last Updated 20 January 2005