Fathers 4 Justice 'Evicted'

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Fathers 4 Justice 'Evicted'

If you haven't seen it yet, here is the first Fathers 4 Justice story of the year.

Eleven of them broke into the Big Brother 'compound' in the early hours of this morning and threw some fireworks. They didn't (unfortunately?) get into the house,

It took twelve police officers and a police helicopter with heat-seeking equipment to round up the men, three of whom have been arrested.

The best bit of coverage comes, as it so often does, from The Standard:

"Security guards at the studio contacted police to report a group of men trespassing inside the compound and throwing fireworks. At least one was wearing a now-familiar Superman outfit."

What, so nobody knew what Superman looked like before Fathers4Justice came on the scene? We're sure Christopher Reeve would be very very proud.

Last Updated 14 January 2005