Sit. Stay. Shut Up.

By Rob Last edited 170 months ago
Sit. Stay. Shut Up.

Way back in 2004 we reported on the license London dog walkers were going to need if they wanted to walk more than four dogs at one time.

The logic being that multiple dogs were intimidating to the public and other dogs, and left "large quantities of dog mess behind".

But now Wandsworth Council have included some even more stringent regualtions to the law governing dog walkers, specifically: "all multiple dog walkers shall walk independently of each other and are prohibited from making contact with other multiple dog walkers".

It's a development which brings up a lot of questions:

Is this non-commuication law designed to stop muliple dog walkers conspiring to bring down the council?

Is this the first example of dog walker censorship ever recorded?

Will 2005 see multiple dog walkers dressing up as superheroes and getting in our way when we're trying to get to work?

Will they all congregate in a park somewhere the day the law takes effect and make a point of talking to each other?

Are they allowed to use semaphore instead?

Last Updated 05 January 2005