Deathmatch With Banksy

By london_luke Last edited 217 months ago
Deathmatch With Banksy

You know Banksy, of course - our homegrown civil disobedience tutor and street art stencil impresario - and no doubt you've enjoyed his many small (and not-so-small) additions to the London street scene.

However, it seems to us that his output has been tailing off a little bit; perhaps he is getting tired of being so clever and post-ironic all the time. The last we heard of him, he had repainted an abandoned car off Brick Lane; surely that can't be his swan song.

Never fear, tireless readers, for it seems that Banksy has been reborn, and his art will live on - well, if you play computer games, anyway. It seems that in one game, Counter Strike, players can use customised spray paint tags to mark their territory in between bouts of head shots and grenade attacks, and some enterprising soul has seen fit to digitise some of Banksy's more iconic creations for use online. So you never know, the next time you are online, you might just have time to spot a two dimensional Coldstream Guard urininating on a virtual wall before the 13 year old you never knew was there puts a digital bullet through your head, splattering bitmapped gore all over the previously-pristine artwork. Which, of course, would mean the graffiti would look exactly like the real thing

Last Updated 25 January 2005