Charge And Be Damned

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Charge And Be Damned

traffic.jpgIn what seems to be a more and more elaborate plan to extract the most money possible from London’s motorists, the Commissioner of Transport for London, Bob Kiley wants to put in place a tag and beacon system to allow greater flexibility in charging on congested roads.

The system utilises a tag placed on the drivers windshield that is tracked by roadside beacons which could be placed on top of lampposts or even surgically concealed within the body of roadside rose sellers.

The apparent beauty of this system over the standard congestion charge is that tag charges can vary depending on the route and even the time of day. Bob Kiley elaborates “I want a surgical approach, aiming at the pinch points. The tag and beacon system would give drivers real choices: they could switch to an improved bus service or drive another route."

It would take at least four years for London to be prepped for surgery which may sound like a long time but is nothing compared to the 10-15 years that we're currently waiting for a proposed satellite system which we're guessing uses some kind of laser guided smart ticketing system that may or may not tri-angulate something.

Still, this all kills time while we wait for the next round of reasons why the tube isn't going to be improved in the near future, and it keeps the anti-driver conspiracy nuts in material.

Last Updated 25 January 2005