Archer And Stringfellow: The Series

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Archer And Stringfellow: The Series

SE1 has always been a place of cultural interest ever since those

early tourists the Vikings rowed their longboats up the Thames and

pulled London Bridge into the river with grappling hooks.

Now a thousand years later another long haired blonde has set his sights on the area: Peter Stringfellow.

We read on the SE1 Blog that Stringfellow has "moved into a £1.2 million flat at Peninsula Heights" and, get this, perjury committing justice perverter Lord Jeffrey Archer owns the penthouse above.

Now some people may read this and immediately think that it's comedy

sitcom gold but we here at Londonist like to think bigger than

that. Much bigger. This development is nothing less than hardbitten

detective drama gold.

Like The Persuaders but with more lap dancing.

Just think of it, the disgraced upper class writer with a foothold in

the criminal underworld coupled with the down to earth womanising

playboy with a contact on every Soho corner. Operating out of their

Thames side headquarters they solve crimes outside of the law.

Despite their initial dislike of one another they build a mutual respect over the course of a series that would take in all the best London locations and leggy blondes.

And seeing as Terrence Stamp recently spent something like £1.5

million on a penthouse in Albion Riverside he could make a cameo each

week as their criminal nemesis.

Tell us that doesn't sound better than Spooks.

Last Updated 21 January 2005